Below are answers to the questions I am most frequently asked in regard to the Ina In A Year project!

Q:  Where did you get the idea for the project?
A:  The inspiration came during a photo shoot for my blog.  I wrote a post about my favorite trusted recipe sources, and obviously Ina was at the top, so we took a photograph of all of her cookbooks.  Looking at the beautiful stack of colorful cookbooks, I said, "Wouldn't it be fun to cook all of these recipes?  And wouldn't it be great to do it all in one year?"  From there, it became a fun topic of conversation, then it turned into a crazy "what if I actually did it" scenario.  After six weeks of detailed planning, we decided to make it happen!

Q:  Why are you doing this?
A:  Because I think it will be fun!  And, honestly, to pay tribute to the most influential culinary figure in my life.  I also look forward to the creative process of sharing this journey in a meaningful way with as many people as possible.  

Q:  Can I eat the food you will be cooking?
A:  Yes!  Once a week I will host an Ina Lunch at Hurley House, featuring a menu from the project.  (Reservations are required.)  I also will be putting one baked good in limited quantities in our case every week.  Other than that, we will not be selling the food I prepare.  

Q:  Who is going to eat all the food?  
A:  A variety of people!  My family, the friends who gather around our table, my staff, our VIPs, and the people who attend the weekly Ina Lunches!  

Q:  Which of Ina's cookbooks are you cooking through?  
A:  ALL OF THEM!  Eleven in total.

Q:  Has anyone ever done this before?  
A:  Not to my knowledge, or to the knowledge of Google.  

Q:  Does Ina know you're doing this?  Do you want Ina to know you're doing this?  Do you want me to reach out to Ina and tell her you're doing this?  
A:  Thank you for asking.  I have no way of knowing if Ina knows about the project that bears her name, though I highly doubt it.  I am happy for her to know about the project, but I really am not doing this to gain her attention.  This project is a tribute, a personal challenge, and an adventure.  It's not a publicity stunt to try and get Ina to look my way.  

Q:  Do you want to meet Ina? 
A:  Of course!  But I don't anticipate or expect that to happen.  I appreciate all the offers to get in touch with her people, or to try and contact her, but my heart is to let this project unfold as naturally as possible, and to see what doors open along the way.